What is BIM?

BIR aims for the successful implementation of BIM in Dutch construction. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling (or Management).

In practice, the letters ‘BIM’ are used for three related meanings. The first is the ‘Building Information Model’: a digital representation of how a building is designed, the construction process and actual construction. The second is ‘Building Information Modelling’, whereby the emphasis lies more on the process of cooperating and a digital building model. Concepts related to this include integrated design, concurrent engineering, lean planning and digital information sharing. The third meaning, ‘Building Information Management’, focuses on the information itself: the structure and the use and reuse of digital building information during the entire life cycle of a building. BIR considers all three definitions to be equally relevant and the concept of BIM represents them all.

Download the ‘What is BIM?’ BIR knowledge leaflet here.

BIM is implemented by all stakeholders in the building process. Clients, architects, consultants, contractors and utilities companies use BIM to share information using open standards. Information only needs to be entered into a BIM system once after which it will be available to all users. BIM essentially amounts to a new way for these partners to cooperate. It allows information to be integrally managed during the entire life cycle of a building.


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