Open BIM standards

BIR promotes the use of open BIM standards in the exchange of building information. The main advantage of open standards is that they are easy to use and not limited to specific software. Information only needs to be entered once, after which it is available to all stakeholders in the chain of design, construction and maintenance. This prevents coordination errors and results in added value for all parties. Moreover, information is now also accessible for longer.

The government also supports the use of open BIM standards. It sees BIM as a way to encourage cooperation and communication between the various stakeholders and healthy competition in the market (independent of software) and to safeguard the availability of today’s information in the future.

Watch the videos below for more information (in Dutch only).

Maximum results with BIM standards

In the video below, Bram Mommers, European BIM Business Development Manager at Arcadis and BIR engineering representative, explains why it is so important to apply open BIM standards.

Which open BIM standards are currently available?

Various open BIM standards are currently available for the construction industry, each with its own area of application. In this video, Bram Mommers introduces the open BIM standards that are currently available and briefly describes their specific applications.

BIR policy on open BIM standards

Bram Mommers briefly explains why BIR encourages the use of open BIM standards in the construction industry.

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