Branch organisations

Six branch organisations work closely together in the Building Information Council.


The Opdrachtgeversforum is a group of public and semi-public construction industry clients who exchange experiences, share and develop knowledge and initiate new themes in the construction and civil engineering industry.

Bouwend Nederland

Bouwend Nederland is the principal industry association for construction and civil engineering. Bouwend Nederland brings together 4,300 large and small construction companies, represents the interests of the industry at the local, regional, national and European levels and encourages innovation in the construction and civil engineering industry.


NLengineers is the industry association for consultancy, management and engineering firms. The members are all private engineering services who operate on free market principles and meet the quality requirements of the association.


Techniek Nederland is the industry association for utilities companies and suppliers of utilities products, both of which are sectors of essential importance in the Dutch economy. As one of the largest industry associations in the Netherlands, Techniek Nederland is a force to be reckoned with.


BNA is an industry association that represents nearly 1,200 architectural firms. BNA is a network that encourages modern and creative entrepreneurship to improve the living environment with architecture.


FME is the industry association for the technological industry. Its 2,200 members include tech start-ups, trading companies, small and medium-sized industries (SMIs) and major industries/multinationals active in the metals, electronics, electrical engineering and plastics industries. Some 60 industry associations are affiliated to FME.

Bouw Informatie Raad